Weird Error Message on C-5 Altus

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I have tried every way from a month of Sunday's to get the C-5 from Altus AFB to work. The file has everything needed, but I get a weird error message when I try to run it. I cannot snapshot it, but here's the message in its entirety: The instruction at "0x20c6a07e" referenced at "020d607fec"
The memory cannot be "read." Click on OK to terminate the program.
Douglas Trapp is the author can anyone tell me if he can fix this problem and if not how do I get a hold of him to try to fix this.
I am learning, after much failure in the installation department to fix many of my own mistakes and if this is one of them, then I would like help in trying to learn, but none of the other airplane files from him do this.
Does anyone have a clue? Umm...

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I downloaded

When I try to load the aircraft via the Aircraft Manufacturer menu under Lockheed, nothing happens for a while until the Microsoft Error Message pops up. Tried various "tricks" but no dice. I am running Acceleration maybe that's the problem. Considering the fact that Douglas E. Trapp failed to include a thumbnail in the texture folder I'm assuming that this file version is quite dated. Perhaps it worked all right prior to SP1 and/or SP2.

Sorry I can't help you but I won't spend any more time on it and am getting rid of this file.

The Install.txt contains an e-mail address:

Douglas E. Trapp
FS Flight Dynamics Engineer
Arlington, Texas (USA)

If it's still valid, try contacting Douglas and see what causes the problems.

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