Pproblem at LIMJ airport

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Is there any way to correct a problem with the feather being off when landing at LIMJ? It lands your aircraft at an angle to the airport and you end up in the grass. I have noticed this at several airports around the globe and wonder if it can be corrected somehow.


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There may be a problem with addon scenery conflicting with default scenery here, so it may be worth looking for an updated AFCAD file for these airports!

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Hi... Thanks for the reply but I am not sure what AFCAD means or just where this file would be edited. I can make my way around the program fairly well but some things are still new to me.


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An AFCAD is an airport file. Try this one.


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Hi... I have downloaded AFCAD and can see where I have a lot of reading to do. It looks like the program will be able to place the feather in the correct alignment to the runway however so thanks very much for the help.

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Hi... Many thanks for pointing me in the direction of the AFCAD program. I can now edit exactly what needs to be edited and get the airport ILS
feather lined up where it belongs among other things.

Thanks for your help

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If you start to make your own airports make sure you set the sliders all the way to maximum, then you will see trees and buildings that you might not have seen normally.
I've had many an afcad where the author has not done this and when loaded on to a PC with the sliders all the way they show up and spoil it.

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Razgr1z912 wrote:

An AFCAD is an airport file.

Design 😛

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Speaking of AFCADS all of mine arent working except the add on sceneries, my AFCADS for the defualt airports and working and its really annoying 😞

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