FSX Deluxe Edition and Vista 64 Bit

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ok so i just got a brand new HP touchsmart desktop i went to load my FSX Deluxe edition everything went smooth until i tried to start it up when it says this......" Flight simulator cannot run because the version of Microsoft DirectX(R) installed on your computer is incompatible. Please reinstall DirectX9.0 by running flight simulator setup, or download the current version from www.microsoft.com/directx. I have done this process described to the T and still no luck i have tried both SP pack and still no luck everything i try no results any ideas.....?

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Try going to HP's website and getting updated drivers for your hardware-- most importantly your graphics card.

hit start-> run, type dxdiag

At the bottom of the system tab it should say what version of directx you have, what is it? Also, what kind of graphics card does it have? (The display tab should tell you.)

Sorry for the delay, i've been avoiding forums as it's finals week for me. :'(

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