Newbie playing FS2004 - help needed please

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I picked up FS2004 and proceeded to do the first lessons etc - they went pretty well except I got annoyed when in a couple Rod ended the lesson cos I "appeared distracted?!", especially in the solo flight it was annoying because i was about to land. I'm having a few troubles:

Landings - despite completing the lesson, I find it difficult to land properly on the runway - any tips please?

Taxiing - no matter how hard I try gently upping the throttle and gently turning, I can never do this properly! I would like to do it even though I can still take-off half off the runway Wink

Flight planning, heading indicator - despite when I make a flight plan when I create a new flight to embark on, the heading indicator seems to be random. Is there a way to set the heading indicator to my destination so I can just follow that all the way? It'd make it much easier for me as a newbie to practice short flights. Is there a software that can do this otherwise perhaps?

Are there any newbie easy to understand articles I can read to help me too as I'm clearly struggling? I read some of the ground lessons but the terminology is so complicated it expects you to be an aviation expert lol.

Finally, is FSX more newbie friendly and worth getting? 🙂

Many Thanks for your help in advance guys,


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Rod's jokes are so irritatingly bad i quit the lessons after the solo bit. I mean, you can either see the joke coming before he tells it, or it's so random and not funny that you want to shoot yourself.

Sorry, rant over 🙂

Are you flying with a joystick or with a mouse? If it's a joystick, does it have a rudder axis? Having a physical axis to control your rudder with makes taxiing a whole lot easier.

Other than that, my advice is to use smooth, small control inputs, don't overcorrect, and plan ahead. Keep an eye on all your instruments, concentrate on maintaining the right airspeed, heading, and altitude. (The vertical speed indicator really helps with altitude.)

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I'm using a keyboard, I don't have a joystick. Thanks for the advice - answers to the other questions please? 🙂

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