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Hi all. I bought FSX when it came out but due to disappointing performance on my hardware I left it for ages. I upgraded my hardware last year (yeh I know, a long time to wait) but I've STILL not been able to run FSX because my new motherboard doesn't have a game port and so my joystick won't plug in. Result is that FSX won't even run in Kiosk Mode.

So, I'm not after something huge, my CH Mach 3 was brilliant for games and it was really really small. I was wondering if anyone had a USB joystick lying around that they might sell...?

This is the mach 3 with the gameport connector; I didn't go for the 'fighter stick' style.

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hi m8 i don't have a usb joystick but in the atc when i built a flight sim there my yoke had a game port and my throttles had a usb were they were not compatible so i bought one of these have a look ]
mine worked

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Thanks. I bought a joystick from eBay a few months ago. Not the same as my little Mach 3 but does the job. I hate the fashion for F-16 style joysticks with gory colours and bits sticking out all over the place.

Unfortunately a decent 'yoke' is still expensive.

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