Any way to allow ATC and AI Traffic on LAN?

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I tried the Widetraffic application, but I'm not seeing any other traffic on either PC on the LAN. I've gone over the manual, followed the settings instructions, etc but no dice.

Is there any other app out there that enables AI Traffic on the LAN?


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Hi Guys.
Post maybe diferent from original topic but maybe somebody will help me with problem how to synchronize cockpit guages between two LAN connected computers witch are using "WidevieW" addon.
It looks like that, that switched guage on server cockpit (for example radio frequency) but it does not make and reaction in radio panel of client computer. Is threr any ida how to synchronize this and other things?

But what I want to do. I would like to learn my friend how to fly in MFSX (I have 12 years experience with flight sim's from Microsoft). He lives 400km from me so we would use HAMACHI for LAN local network conection. One computer would be a server second client. We want to use Built in AI traffic, ATC (or payware Radar contact 4 or PRO ATC X) plus shared cockpit - here is problem.
I know that FSX has shared cockpit option in multiplayer and it works fine but in multiplayer we cant use built in ATC/(or other) and AI traffic. So we tried some ways of connections, but this type gave almost 75% positive resultat:

FSX of Server and Client works in single player mode in the same airport, time but diferent gate\parking. Now, to make those two planes "visible" to each other on both computers, we tried to connect together to external server via "FSHost" or/and "fsinn" (apollo server). Both my and client plane spawned in single player. Next we used "Widetraffic" to generate AI traffic on client computer. Server has in fsx option traffic generation switched on and client has this option disabled completly. Of course AI traffic spawned in client computer, so it works fine too. We checked built in ATC integration between spawned AI on cliend side; ATC comunicates were appearing almost in the same moment what in the server computer, we said let it be xD. But I could't hear comunicates witch were sending by ATC to client and "vice versa" on client computer and he could't hear that too (so it means that ATC is working seperately on each computer-its a pity 😞.
Next we tried to make shared cockpit in single palyer via "fsinn" and "FSCopilot17B2_4" connection. Sometimes it was working good, client spawned in my plane and his plane(vc camera) was following together with my plane very synchronized, but he could completly switch of his plane and everything what he did in his cockpit, didn't make any results in my plane.
RESUME: So, in that type of connection we can fly in single player mode with ATC, AI traffic but using diferent planes (each spawns in diferent gate) or the same plane but shared cockpit doesnt work fine.
I got another idea with "WidevieW" to obtain shared cockpit. It works also but there is the same problem-client can switch on/off everything in his VC with out any results on my computer.

Any ideas how to improve single player or multiplayer to fly with AI traffic, built it ATC etc.? Maybe we need to hack somehow fsx? Maybe somebody can write payware addon witch could support that type of single player (share cockpit + synhronize atc)

Thank you for reply in advance.


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