My Mic Doesnt work

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i know this is a multiplayer topic....but that board is slow and i have seen this topic with no real answers.

i run 64 bit vista. i have a usb headset. i hear myself in the ear piece but nobody else does. i have activated the headset through my windows settings.....SO WHAT GIVES? anyone?

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Same problem hear?

P.S Welcome to Flyaway 🍻

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Did you set the headset as playback and record. Assuming the head set and mike are one set.

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There's a nice little feature called "Search" 🙄.

ollyau wrote:

If your mic is already working in Windows, it should work in FSX.

Just hold 'Caps Lock' to speak.

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More information's nice.

If the mic's working in windows, then make sure that FSX is set to use it and that none of the balances are set to 0 or anything.

If it's not working in windows, dive into your audio settings and figure out why!

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