Problems downloading the YF-22

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I downloaded the YF-22 I went to my computer, program files, microsoft games, microsoft flight sim, simobjet, then airplanes where i copied the file then i went back and copied the guages file to the FSX guages file and my plane still wont show up, i have looked at the tutorials over and over again and it still will not show up, can someone help me please

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My guess is that it is an FS2004 aircraft and whoever slipped it into the FSX download section "forgot" to add a thumbnail to the textures and/or "forgot" to edit the aircraft.cfg for it to show up in the selection menu.

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Is there anyway i can do that myself?

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kakashi12355 wrote:

Is there anyway i can do that myself?

Sure you can. Have a look inside the default B737_800 Aircraft folder. Open the aircraft.cfg with Notepad (right-click and select "Open with...").
Now find these lines:

ui_variation="Boeing livery"
ui_typerole="Commercial Airliner"
ui_createdby="Microsoft Corporation"

Ideally, you should have all those lines in the aircraft.cfg of your YF-22. Obviously, you'll have to edit those lines accordingly i.e.:

ui_manufacturer="Lockheed" (...I think)

You might not have enough information to edit all five lines... that's OK, just leave those out.
Now go back to your B737_800. In each texture folder you'll find a thumbnail.jpg 256 x 128 in size.

Run FSX, load your YF-22, take a screenshot and resize it to that size with a program like Easy Thumbnails: or any other program you feel comfortable with - there are also Online Image Resizers available, just google and see what you like.

After you've placed a thumbnail inside a texture folder, the aircraft will show up in the picture book of the SELECT AIRCRAFT menu. Needless to say, if you have more than one texture folder for the aircraft, you have to make a thumbnail for each one and place it inside the respective texture folder.

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Which 22 do you have. I have It works well in FSX. I think I got it here in the downloads section.

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