Multi aircraft flights.? LOVE MFSX/accelerator pack.

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Man, I must be one lucky son of a gun. I see a lot of topics stating problems and glitches-I have had no problems,the sim runs at good speed, never had a plane not download. and if something is missing! I just add it(sound,panel,etc)(panel maker!-its cool). I sure would love to know how to create a VC though. In time-ANYWAY. 😳 .I dont know if it's just keeping My P.C clean, keeping files indexed and sorted or what ? But all runs great. Yea sure I have some lag time once in a while with heavy scenery load and if i dont have the extra fan cooling it down once in a while,but otherwise.(I have the side cover off and an external small fan blowing into the case at times) and i clean my internal fans often. Again-ANYWAY---sorry. Embarassed

(My question is to do with-How do You guys get multiple aircraft in a flight or video. I would love to make a vid with some of the goergous aircraft I have and can not figure it out. I have instant mission maker and know how to turn on SDK(if needed). I see the saved flights in FSX etc. Can someone give me a heads up on a topic or a tutorial on how to do this.)
Running windows vista/8600gt nvidia GC.
Have MFS-X with accelerator expansion pack installed. LOVE IT.
Thanks. Dieselrotor.

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dieselrotor, there is a program available called YNFA (You'll Never Fly Alone) it should be available on most freeware sites that may be your answer, as far as I know it will only fly one other aircraft on your flight plan.

Though I have it on my system, I have yet to use it.

Good luck

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Tony, try copying the IMG code under your PhotoBucket pic into your signature for it to show up Idea

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Tony Forrest (Tony-YSSY) Trainee

Thanks Tailhook, I've tried a couple of things, will give it a go.

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