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Hope someone can help. Currently my PC seems to be running at reduced frame rates (depending on what type of aircraft I use). I use FSX with most of WOAI installed. I also have Just flights 757, 737 & Volume 1 Airbus series.

I currently have 1gb of RAM, if I increased this to 4gb would I see alot of improvement. I also have a Nvidia 8500 GT, if I upgraded this would this improve my performance?

My c drive on my PC has 200gb of memory, I also have an Intel 4 machine.

I am more interested in the RAM, if it is worth my while or not?

Thanks for any help.

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You have a low CPU and an older video card. Both of those plus the AI will slow down FSX.
That machine would be fine for 2004.


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Hi 1gig of ram is not really enough, 2gig minimium.
I have 3gig with a p4 processer and i saw a big improvement when i upgraded from 1gig.
If you have vista like i do then 3 gig min.
Ram is cheap now so it is worth it.

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Thanks for that, I thought that the RAM would not have that much affect, but there is no harm in upgrading to 4gig.

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Certain add-ons may affect frames to, such as my captainsim 757, my pc runs fsx perfect in everyway, but i use that 757 and danm man it slows down like you woulden't believe.

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