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I loaded Captain Sims 757 Propack and the 757 Freighter expansion model and when I go the load the game it says : Multiple aircraft names, and I have to click 35 times to clear the window....I restored it once and it worked, but then it does it again.

I went into the 757 textures and took of the word texture in every file but then all planes were now gone. so I restored it.

How do I fix this?
Thanks in advance.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Be Sure you bought the FSX version not the FS9 version.
If you say yes to accepting each gauge once you shouldn't have to do it again.


jettaman Trainee

Both are X I checked the links in the email too..

It works....but i'll let you know if it does it again!

I redownloaded them both....fine for now.


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