977th Gaming wants you!!

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The 977th Gaming Community is recruting members, we have been in operation since 08' we play the following games listed below

FSX/FS2004 GTA:SAMP Battlefield 2
BF2: Project Reality
Eve Online
Shot Online
Test Drive Unlimited
and more!

we have a website www.977th.com , and our teamspeak ip is 977th.clants.net:8809 please pm me if you're intersted or you can go directly to our teamspeak,if you do not have teamspeak you may go here to download www.teamspeak.com

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Y'all play eve? Awesome... what does your corp do in game?

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Traches wrote:

Y'all play eve? Awesome... what does your corp do in game?

i dont really know what goes on as i dont have the game installed on my pc..BUT it would be good if we could get a whole heap of new members so that we can open more games,and also have people in like every game channel. CEO Merlin has stated that he wants us members to recruit, we also play soldierfront but i dont know if we still play it now,i mean we used to..i loved that game...half the time ill be getting like massive kills.. ive been with the clan for 7-8 yrs now, im sure you will love it.. if you need our teamspeak info get on our website and it will have it there for ya.. you will need to get with me for the password as i dont want to post it in public..but like i said in my earlier post, anyone can join.. we just need 10 or more members so we can open more games up Surprised

cheers mate

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