New York Scenary turned white?

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beroun First Officer

During landiing at JFK the scenary turned white - runways and buildings basically just white stripes, cubes. Other cities look OK. This stayed even after restarting FS2004 and after rebooting the computer? So am stuck with white hazy NYC and also Newark in NJ?
Any remedy, please help.

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Tailhook Chief Captain

I am assuming that you added or tried to add 3rd party JFK scenery sometime before the problem started. In that case, uninstall that add-on according to the instructions.

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beroun First Officer

I did not add any New York add-on scenary, but forgot to mention that I uploaded real weather for that flight. The real weather did it - any other flight in NYC is now OK.

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Chris Morris (morris91) Captain

Thats wierd, I don't understand how real-weather would effect scenery.

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