can someone enlighten me on 9800 GTX+ & GTX 275

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I tried out 9800 GTX+, it was pretty good, but at JFK or any of the busiest airports it can slow down to 9-10 fps (my settings are all at ultra-hi). So exchanged it for a supposedly faster card GeForce GTX275. But I checked the specs, actually 9800 core clock speed 738 MHz, while GTX 275 is 633 MHz... 9800 shader clock spped 1836 MHz, GTX275 shader is 1476 MHz...
9800 memory speed 1100 MHz, GTX275 1107 Mhz, memory both GDDR, 9800 is 1 GB, GTX275 is 896 MB.....
as you can see, 9800 GTX+ is faster with bigger memory, but why GTX275 is priced almost double more than 9800, and takes a lot more power....
so confused!!!!

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Wandering newegg, the only 1GB 9800GTX+ card I can find is made by somebody I've never heard of named "Sparkle"... Is this your card?

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I'm not huge into graphics cards, but I do know a little... For one, the stats you mention don't tell the entire story. Different chips will run better or worse, hotter or cooler, etc.

The GTX 275 is a newer card, so a higher price is understandable. It also has 240 streamed processor cores to the 9800GTX+'s 128. These are cores that can be dedicated to whatever the particular graphics situation needs at the time... Quite a huge difference!

However, they're both pretty powerful cards. FSX is just a bear to run at max settings!

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Like Bob said - stream processors - more and better.

and - 9800 GTX+ has a memory clock speed of 1100 Mhz, where the 275 memory clock is 2268 MHz.
Memory bandwidth on the 9800 is about 70 gigs pr. sec.
on the GTX 275 the mem. bandwidth is about 127 gig. per sec.

there are other difference as well but suffice it to say:
they are miles apart performance wise.

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Cool link mike! Makes me feel a little inadequate with my little old 8800GTS... Embarassed

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Cool link indeed especially if the chart gets updated on a daily basis. Now, where did I leave my binoculars...

BTW are you Gents considering nottobe's CPU? It's probably in his OP though I just can't see it.

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