missing parts of the model

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Miro Kantarsky (yksratnak) Trainee

Does anyone knows what is the problem, when downloaded model is missing parts of the plane , flaps landing gear, elevators. Flaps are atualy attche to the fuselage next to jets intakes. Plane flies without the parts.

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oldsamer First Officer

Models created prior to FSX sp2 frequently suffer this problem.

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Miro Kantarsky (yksratnak) Trainee

Thank you very much. However not everyone is experiencing this problem
and I am not alone either. There are two versions of the same plane one civilian sales demo and military veersion. The civilian is all intact, only the militar version has this problem. Well thnk you anyway. greatly appreciated.

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n7xlq1 First Officer

Whats the plane, where did you get it?

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Miro Kantarsky (yksratnak) Trainee

This was the original site. But I found it on 2 other sites same result.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

They could be too graphic intensive for your video card is it's an older card.
Reduce most of the slides (as an experiment) leaving all the "power" of it (the card) to use on the aircraft, no scenery nothing all on low or off.
If the aircraft looks and flies great then it's your card.


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