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Does anyone know of a plane that can easily break the sound barrier and has great effects to show that it happened? I have seen pics people posted of the ring of vapor coming off a F-18 and would love to have a plane that had these effects. Thanks Rolaids

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The effects are contained in this file :

Name: Size: 1,035,354 Date: 02-27-2007 Downloads: 2,620
FSX Gauges--Carrier Operation Package v3.0. This freeware archive contains a set of gauges, effects and sounds which you can add to tailhook-equiped aircraft in FSX, and enables you to perform takeoffs and approaches/landings on aircraft carriers (static and moving). It features (1) A catapult gauge, enabling a catapult-launch takeoff. (2) An arrester gauge, enabling a cable-arrested landing. (3) A IFLOLS gauge, enabling accurate approaches and landings. (4) A SonicBoom effect (visual and audible) plus controller gauge. Includes extensive installation/usage documentation. Requires prior installation of FSUIPC. Special credit goes to Doug Dawson; without his (included) interface gauges (a.o. for speedcontrol, launch/arrest zone definitions and sound playing) this package would not exist. By Rob Barendregt.

You can get it at flightsim -- it won't work on the C-172 😀

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Thanks Tailhook Being the Trainee I am, I look to a superior for knowledge I have not yet acquired. Not a whole lot of info included on how to use this pack. I take it the effects can be applied to planes other than the included one. Would you or anyone else know where I could find some directions as how to apply this to another plane. Also what would be a good fast plane to easily break the sound barrier with?

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If you are not yet acquainted with Rob Barendregt's magic, keep this in mind: Though appearing a bit overwhelming at first, his guides and instructions are systematic, precise, correct AND complete and are usually contained in the README.txt... you just gotta find it 😀

In this case ( after having extracted the contents of the .zip file, open the Gauges folder where you will find the COP3 folder which contains the README rcbco-30.txt

A little excerpt to illustrate what I mean by systematic:

0. Contents
1. Overview
2. Installation.
2.1. Installing the files.
2.2. Adapting the panel.cfg file.
2.3. Adapting the aircraft.cfg file.
3. Detailed functionality and operation.
3.1 The COP3 Control Panel.
3.2. Carrier catapult launching: the catapult gauge.
3.3. Carrier landings: the arrester gauge.
3.4. Carrier approaches: the IFLOLS.
3.5. Breaking the sound barrier: the SonicBoom effects.
3.6. Using the test area for practicing.
4. Copyrights, Disclaimer and Credits.
5. Closure

Appendix-1: If you were using COP V2.0 for FS9 ....
Appendix-2: Requirements on the FSX environment you use ....
Appendix-3: How to add/modify launch & arrest zones ....
Appendix-4: How to adapt configuration defaults to your aircraft ....
Appendix-5: If the sounds (sonic boom, arrest/lauch) are too loud ...

Previous versions of this package were for FS9 and after downloading it for the first time it took me months to finally sit down and install it... how stupid. It's easy if you follow the instructions without skipping parts and taking your time while you're doing it.

As regards supersonic aircraft for FSX there are a few payware ones around, sadly not too many freeware ones yet but if you get really stuck, I can upload a freeware F-14 for you which seems to have vanished from the file libraries.

Any problems, don't be shy to ask 😀

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Thanks for guiding me to the directions. They are quite extensive. We are yet to see if I am knowledgable enought to follow them. Thanks for all your help.

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i only need the sound, does anyone know where i can get the sonic boom sound?

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