King Air 350 Approach Hold

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I use autopilot APROACH HOLD on Lear Jet, B737, B747, B777 and it works perfect. I line up on ILS get direction and capture the glide slope, turn on the a/p approach hold and I am kept on the glide slope as I should be.
For some reason the APPROACH HOLD does not work on Beachcraft King Air 350. After engaged it does not hold aircaft on ILS glide slope, instead it allows aircrfat to descend and crash to the ground. Unless a/p is disangaged before hitting the ground. Any idea why is King Air different and APPROACH HOLD does not work?


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Why not fly it yourself? If you want a fancy autopilot, you're going to have to go with something payware.

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When flying turboprops, I have found that you have to keep your power and torque up on final. If you let the power drop off the aircraft will not be able to hold the GS and will, if you don't catch it in time endup on the ground short of the runway. I try to keep my power up until I'm sure I'll make the runway. This applies to manually flying the landing or using the auto ILS approach with the Approach hold.
You may have to experiment a bit to find the best approach speed and power.
Good Luck and Good Flying

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Thanks all very useful

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Ref why not flying it your self. Difficult in1/4 mile visibility.

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