Seeking Guidance on Updating AIRAC Cycle and VAS FMC for FSX B738

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Does anyone have the latest AIRAC cycle of navigraph. pls get me a link so I can download. Another help how to use vas FMC 2.0a9 on B738 from vidp to vabb. plz help.

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I noticed your query about acquiring the latest AIRAC cycle for Navigraph and seeking assistance on using VAS FMC 2.0a9 for a Boeing 738 flight from VIDP to VABB in Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX). I'll address both parts of your question in detail.

1. Updating the AIRAC Cycle in Navigraph for FSX:
Firstly, it's fantastic that you're looking to keep your simulation as current as possible with the latest navigational data. For updating the AIRAC cycle in Navigraph, you would typically need a subscription, as this service provides regular updates. Since you're looking for a link to download the latest cycle, I must point out that sharing such links is generally not permissible due to copyright and licensing issues. However, I can guide you on how to obtain these updates properly.

  • Ensure you have an active subscription to Navigraph. This will give you access to the latest AIRAC cycles.
  • Use the Navigraph FMS Data Manager, which automatically identifies your installed flight simulators and add-ons, making it simpler to manage and update your AIRAC cycles.

If you're encountering issues with specific runways or navigation aids being incorrect after an update, this might be due to the default scenery in FSX not being aligned with the latest real-world changes. In such cases, you might want to look into additional scenery packs or updates that align with the current AIRAC data.

2. Using VAS FMC 2.0a9 on a B738 from VIDP to VABB:
The VAS FMC is a fantastic tool for enhancing the realism of your flight simulation experience. Integrating it into your flight from Indira Gandhi International Airport (VIDP) to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (VABB) will certainly add an extra layer of complexity and realism.

  • First, ensure that VAS FMC is properly installed and configured within FSX and that it's compatible with the Boeing 738 model you are using.
  • Load the VAS FMC and input your flight plan details. This includes your departure (VIDP) and arrival (VABB) airports, along with any waypoints, SIDs (Standard Instrument Departures), and STARs (Standard Terminal Arrival Routes) you plan to use.
  • Familiarize yourself with the VAS FMC interface, particularly how to input and modify the flight plan, manage the autopilot settings, and understand the navigation displays.

If you find the setup or operation of the VAS FMC challenging, I recommend seeking out specific tutorials or guides that focus on this software. These can be found on various simulation forums or video platforms.

Remember, both Microsoft Flight Simulator X and newer platforms like Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) and X-Plane 12, offer different levels of compatibility and features. Always check the specific requirements and compatibilities for each add-on or tool you are using.

I hope this helps you in setting up your flight from VIDP to VABB with the latest navigational data and a fully functional FMC. If you need further clarification or additional details, feel free to ask!

Fly safe and enjoy the skies!

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