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I have been running into a problem with waypoints not showing up even though the AIRAC file is almost up to date. One of the problems is at the GATWICK (EGKK) airport and Rwy 8L or 8R. I cannot get a waypoint entered into the PMDG 747-400 FMC that follow the feather on any of these runways. Is there a special reason for this or did they only appear in an AIRAC file prior to the ones I have currently. My latest AIRAC file is 1301. It seems to me that at least one of them would have shown up in the FMC out of the group that is listed on the 8R or 8L feather.

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Some further information FS9. When on the runway at Gatwick and I press the F9 key, the map shows many waypoints from the runway to the end of the feather. However, when I select these waypoint for FSBuild, most of them to not appear in the flight plan when I enter them. I have FSNavigator up to date with AIRAC 1302 but still have waypoints missing. It appears that the AIRAC files do not have all the waypoints for Gatwick so the SID charts won't work right either.

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