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PMDG 747-400 Cockpit lights

Newboy Guest

How do we switch on the cockpit lights in the PMDG 747-400?

There is a switch for all the lights, but I cannot seem to find the switch to iluminate the cockpit itself. L or CTRL+L doesnt do it.



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Pro Member Trainee
boomshiko Trainee

Have you tried SHIFT-L (panel lights)?

Pro Member Captain
Jon Van Duyn (JVD) Captain

The picture should help you find the knobs with my instructions:

The button is at the bottom left of the panel. First you get the Storm switch and then you get three other knobs the one at the end of those three [DOME] should swtich your cockpits light on. Otherwise it's likely to be the knob on the left of the landing lights [just underneath the nacelle anti ice buttons].

cassiomc Guest

Thanks for the instruction about the knob on the left of the landing lights to light the panel !!

Cassio Castro

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