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Sky Crawlers Sanka MKB

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Does anyone have a FS2004 download for the Sky Crawlers Sanka MKB aircraft? This is a muscled up version of the Kyusho J7W Shinden, of which there are downloads available (in Imperial Japanese Colors).

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UPDATE J7W Shinden

The Shinden upload took, however, there are some problems.
The BRAKE is stuck on continuously, you must reassign the brake.
You can't see the landing gear, only the wheels are visible.
The engine power is not there, this aircraft has over 4000hp, it should
climb like a bat outta H**l. Instead you think you're driving a Cessna.
I hope someone ports over the SANKA MKB from the Ace Combat series
and cures the flaws in the Shinden version.

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This is the last update on the Shinden. After bypassing the brake problem, I still had to deal with the lack of power, and it is unstable at high speeds.

You cannot pull out of a high speed dive, the canard elevators do not work well at all. A lot of hobbyhorsing. Canards are supposed to make an aircraft almost un-stallable. Not in this POS.

Also, the canopy will not close. It hinges to the right. So it just stays open in flight.

I don't believe these problems occur in the real aircraft, but we will never know, as the real things sits gathering dust in a Smithsonian storeroom.

All in all, this particular Shinden is not worth the download. If someone was to take the flying characteristics of say... the P51, double its horsepower, then cloak it in the Shinden body... PS the real Shinden was much much larger and longer than the sim. The photograph shows a BEAST.

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