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I just activated FS Dreamteam LAs Vegas McCarran on my system (it had been in the demo mode previously). I had purchased Cloud9 KLAX 2 weeks ago. I also have aerosoft AES on my system as well. When I tried to acitvate AES with the new change, I got a curious message :

AESHelp detect duplicate active Areas link to the same Directory.
67- LosAngeles 2006 cloud9-C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator9\cloud9\LOSANGELES

70-FSDreamTeam Las Vegas McCarran-C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator9\cloud9\LOSANGELES

Should AESHelp deactivate the lower Area in the library?
Otherwise, you could have scenery display problems and Frameloss in FS.

I pressed YES as the option in AES. Now when I go into FS9, I am not seeing the activated FSDreamTeam McCarran at all! I saw McCarran tick box unticked in my scenery library. But even when I tick it, I can't see it in my system. What can I do to rectify this vexing situation?

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try reinstall the whole thing!

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