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i have been looking for c-17's i find the ones for charlston ans raf but the only one i can find for McChord is for fs2004 i need help getting one mcchord for fsx would anyone be interested in doing a re skin please let me know asap i am from tacoma and was born on ft lewis wich is connected to mcchord so it would mean alot to do a good reskin on a c-17 and a c-141

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The only one outside the two you mentioned is the Ukmil C-17 version. The Ukmil version is better than the two previous version, but it has no VC.

However, the guys (or one guy) at Flight Sim Nation managed to incorporate the B737 VC into the C-17 and it works (I have that modified version). I can't tell you how he actually did it...he showed me how to do it but it didn't work, so he sent me his modified version. It is a crude way to fix good aircrafts, but until some company decides to make some real money and build one from the ground up, this version is what we got.

Here is where you will find the C-17 from Ukmil:


EDIT: Here is a better link to the C-17: http://www.ukmil.org.uk/download.php?view.480

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