corsair 747

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what would have been nice was if there was a boeing 747-400 -with- the blue corsair textures I want, instead of using 54/55$ on an aircraft.
though I dont need this in a hurry but since I fly much it would have been cool and nice to have it.

how about project opensky! they have some nice planes but then again I dont know if there is corsair textures for project opensky 747's!?

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Only two I can find right now.
Either buy or change aircraft.


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do you know if it is possible to use the pmdg corsair texture on a project opensky 747-400?
and if there is any freeware software I can use to install the new textures?
I have tried and tried to do it manually but I cant get it done 😞

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Not being an expert, we do have some here.
I would say that you can't interchange textures.
I know it takes a few tries the first time but that's the only way to learn.
It's time consuming because you have to launch the sim each time to see if you are successful.
Try minimizing the sim, renaming ( add 1 or 2 etc to the cfg) and see if it "took".

May be you can get someone to custom paint one for you, supply them with as much information as possible and be patient.


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i love 747s

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Sindre Henriksen (gothgod) Trainee

thanx for the help =)

pritiate it 🙂

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Sindre Henriksen (gothgod) Trainee

on that web page you gave me there was an email adress to a guy named Andrew.
I wrote a long mail but then I got delivery status failure!
like the email doessent exist or something!

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