Justflight/Wilco 737 NAV DATA OUT OF DATE

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Anybody getting this message on the flight computer of the JustFlight/Wilco Pilot in Command 737?
Flight computer will not accept flight plan or route request.....hmmmmm.
Had someone refer me to a file that was supposed to fix it, but alas, it did not......It said it was installed in FSX and was supposed to "update" the NAV DATA file to make the problem go did not.
All ideas and suggestions welcome.....Just bought the thing, flies great, the VOR and ILS track beautifully so I know the FSX Nav points are talking to the program......everything works, except the flight computer.
I have to believe I'm missing the forest for the trees, as it were, and there is one very simple procedure I must be skipping.....but darn if I know what it is..... I input all the data it asks for and as soon as I hit REQUEST spits my inputs out like bad sushi!
I tried to enter a flight plan through FSX and it laughed at that, although the flight plan did show up once on the multi-function display under the attitude indicator. Couldn't get that to happen again either.......
Puzzled and confused.....

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I use to have this problem, but later i found out i wasn't setting the IRS position of the aircraft in the computer intitially on start-up of it.

So maybe check that to see if your doing it correctly, cause after i found that out i haven't had a problem since.

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The database date is showing 15NOV to 19DEC09 which is what I THINK is causing the OUT OF DATE message.....Just don't know what I need to do to get a "current" database.
I've done every step by the book including the initial position set, etc....
but you are correct in that I may be missing a step - have had the same thoughts myself ..... human error is usually the problem 99% of the time!
I picked up the book, "The unofficial Boeing 737 Super Guppy Simulator Checkride Survival Manual"..... It has a TON of more info and is written in the same manner, by the same guy, as the document that comes with the program.....really entertaining and enlightening reading...
May try again tonight, but for now, the bird flies great VOR to VOR..... I can skip all the data input crap, kick the tires, light the fires and get my passengers to their destination quicker than the competition who are busy punching buttons to input all their data in their flight

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waiting for your response lvpilot

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I had just bought my copy of 737 pilot in command last week. I was trying to fly KMKE to KDBQ, and i also got that message.
I freind of mine said i had to update my files. I went into my database files, and KDBQ was there. Plus the runways.
But everytime i enter the info into the FMC, i received the out of date message. So i just filed a flightplan, listen to the ATC and followed his directions to KDBQ. I had to adjust my headings (about 30 degrees) to get lined up with the runway at the last minute.


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