PMDG 747-400 With IFR flight set-up

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hello you lot 🙂 id like some help if someone knows how to..
when i set up a flight using the PMDG 747-400, i select and fill in the IFR flight plan on the main setup page, then go into the flight, then load the FMC, but after take-off, is there a way to still get asent and decent instructions from ATC without telling me to turn left onto a heading thats far out of the way of whats programmed in the FMC, because its anoying now..

thank you for reading, and ill be waiting for some usefull help 🙂
happy flying guys

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As far as I'm aware, no there isn't. I say as far as I'm aware because I haven't used the sim in a while so haven't checked for any updates on the issue but I know you couldn't before. The reason being that default ATC works as usual, not knowing you're using more powerful navigation equipment. To that end, you'll still get the same old droll from ATC whilst you navigate more efficiently with an FMC...

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