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Hi Everyone!

I have been thinking about taking a long flight from Vancouver to Sydney, but I am having a problem. I would like to set it up to fly overnight and then I would come in the morning to land.

My problem is, When I go and set up a route in FS2004, the route is curved. This means that the desired heading during flight would constantly be changing. How do I set it up so that when I'm away from the computer, my flight doesn't drift off course? Any help is Appreciated!

Note: I am using an aircraft without an FMC.

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there is a switch that say's "NAV/GPS" switch that to GPS. Then once you engage Alt, Airspeed etc on the autopilot hit "NAV". It will then follow the route.

just as an FYI the route appears curved to to the fact that it takes you closer to the pole decreasing distance by the smaller circumferential distance of the northern portion of the planet.

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The flight path appears curved because FS places you on a *great circle* route (Google "great circle") and the map on which you're seeing it is a polyconic projection (you can Google that too).
A great circle route is the shortest distance between two points on the surface of a sphere (the earth).


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