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I was on final at DFW airport Runway 36L, winds were calm, headed 177 at 8kts. I was flying the POSKY 757-200 Delta NCC. Lined up with the runway, I opened flaps to 30 degrees, slowed to 140kts, and deployed the gear. All was going nicely. I had to make a few adjustments to line up perfectly, however, when it looked like I was perfect with the runway, the ADF would tell me I wasnt exactly on course, so I ignored it. The glideslope would soon indicated that I was slipping off to another direction, so I would correct a little bit, and then the same thing would happen over and over again. About 500 ft AGL, the GPWS gave it's announcement. I crosschecked all of the instruments, and made my final correction. I then noticed I forgot to take off ATT, so I switched it off, feeling confident. The aircraft mainted 140 kts, lined up, descending at 500 fpm. Then, all of a sudden, about 100ft AGL, the aircraft started to yaw to the left, as if I had suddenly put full rudder into it. I quickly opened rudder in the oppsite direction, but I was too late, the aircraft touched on the runway, and rolled off before I could keep it on course. Ticked off, I shut off the sim and ignored taxiing to the gate. As I look back, I try to figure out the problem. On my departure from Portland Oregon, I had a slight crosswind, so I did use a little bit of rudder, but after departure, I turned into the wind, and so I centered it, and the autopilot would have done it anyways, as it flew the course. I figure it can't be an error with the aircraft, since it comes from such an important manufacturer. Any ideas, what could have gone wrong. Could it be anything besides the rudder? On my particular panel, I dont have a rudder indicator.

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My guess would be maybe the joystick suddenly had an error. Try and replicate the flight with a diff panel with a rudder indicator, and see what happens, also, hit SHIFT+Z 3 times, and you'll get wind speed data, and see if that suddenly shifts. Try and keep all the constants as they were the first time

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Okay, I think I'll try another panel. It cant be the joystick, because this particular one doesnt have a rudder control option. Its too bad though--this panel was pretty nice. I'll let you guys know how this goes.

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Well, I found a different 757 panel, pretty nice looking too 😀 . I took it out of DFW service to Orlando. As I approached, the controller vectored me to visual runway 36L. When I had the runway in sight, I corrected my flight path, but it so happens that on this panel, I didnt have a backcourse switch, and when I selected it using the keyboard, (Ctrl + B) it activated the APP. Anyways, I figured I could land it using the VASI lights and my eyesight. It turned out to be one of the best landings of my life! Group Wave The aircraft didn't yaw unexpectadely, and the rudder input was perfect. I guess I have to go with what FEM suggested - The fact that it might be a gust of wind. Thanks

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