New to FSX - Why can't I land.... some help needed please...

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Hi guys...

I've got the basics down, take off, engaging the autopilot, flying my route with ATC... the scenery is just spectacular !!

I'm using GPS and NAV1, switching between the two. I get clearance to land at the destination airport, but can never seem to line up the runway, or, I can't seem to find the proper one.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I tried the visual landing cues, to help guide me in, but they never kicked in at the altitude I had specified.

Thanks for your advice in advance.

Anson - amatuer simmer

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Thanks RadarMan...

This will be very helpful.

I did manage to land at Maribel in Montreal... a little off the mark, but made it to the ground safely and got clearance to taxi to the gate. I also flew to Halifax and actually touched down on the runway... but got the brakes all screwed up (autothrottle switch was left on, me thinks.)

Anyways, I'll let you know how it goes. Glad to be here, nice place to hang out.

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Thanks for the link to ILS procedures, RadarMan...

I flew the 737-800 from Santiago to Buenos Airies... that first climb over the Andes was close... I mean very close to the mountains.... Very impressed with the actual sim feel of the game...

Anyway... I used your information and landed on the runway spot on... just gotta get the speed brake and autobrake setting right to slow down.

I am officially addicted... I have the world atlas out on the desk now....

Very cool.

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