Am I missing something? (Gauges)

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Hey guys,

I've been installing FSX aircraft for a long time, but I've taken quite a break until I joined the site here a few days ago...

I'm a controller in the real world, so I'm not by any means an idiot, but I'm having a huge problem here. None of the aircraft I've downloaded recently seem to have a "gauges" folder (to copy to the FSX/Gauges folder), and in the event they do, things don't work right.

Example, I downloaded the project opensky United 777, copied everything as instructed, and none of the autopilot buttons work in the 3-D cockpit (blank displays, etc), I'm getting really frustrated here.

Any help is welcome. I've read every thread I could search for, and I'm not getting any information I don't already have.


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Also, why don't the installers in these packages work? I'd be willing to pay (a reasonable price) for awesome FSX aircraft with WORKING executable install packages, but I don't know where to look...

Trying to get these installed right just to see a crappy repaint and no working gauges is very frustrating.

I remember a long time ago there was a 737-800 that had a decent 2-d panel, really neat sounds (flight attendants giving you a soda, EVERYTHING down to the APU and crossfeed switches was completely realistic, even had separate electric/hydraulic panels), I wish like hell I could find that one again! Lost it when I got my new PC!

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We would need a link or a full zip file name to check out the gauge problem but they may be in the panel folder.
Sometimes (check the read-me) the gauges go into the main gauge folder not in the aircraft folder with the aircraft download.
Be sure that you are using FSX aircraft not FS9 aircraft, the gauges won't work in FSX unless specifically built for it.

As for the installer (exe) they cost money and most freeware comes without them while nearly all pay-ware comes with them as do the call-outs that you refer to.
Yes you can find it on some freeware but you have to search for it.


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