Rome-Naples Mission

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Again, I am not a newbie to the flight sim community, and yet when I have tried the last two times to fly the Rome-Naples Mission, just as I was about to land the plane sped up and I could not land the plane.
I had full flaps, spoilers set to full and was at 140 kph, and less than 1000 above the runway when this occurs.
Is something wrong with FSX? I have flown this mission hundreds of times and the last two cannot seem to land the plane, Am I doing something wrong? 😕 😕

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This is a bug with the A321 used in this mission. I suggest you go to the overhead panel (press SHIFT 5) and turn off the A321's flight controls. On the lefthand side in the middle, you should see a FLT CTRL section. Press the 3 (or 4, can't remember) squares, which should turn them to OFF (they will say OFF). This should get rid of the acceleration and sluggish control problems.

Hope this helps!

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Nelson Robison (photoshock) Trainee

Thanks for the advice, like I said, I've flown this mission hundreds of times without a problem. It's only in the last two times that I have had this occur.
Thanks for the information and the suggestions.
It restores my faith in all the flight sim community.

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Forgetting to turn off the autothrottle maybe??? 😂

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LionLicker, I do not even use the autothrottle on this mission.
I fly strictly by wire and do not use the auto-pilot or auto-throttle.
I finally found a plane that would fly the mission, the Boeing 737 and not the Airbus A321.
I just wish that there was some way to fly this mission with the A-321 but after 5 attempts, I gave up and switched the planes and it worked fine.

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