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Ahoy there folks, a big hello to all the guys that remember me from old. I retired from flight simming about 4 and half years ago as my wife was had become an "FS9 widow" and i couldn't even recognise my kids anymore Embarassed
Anyways, im back and it feels great, so many new things out for FS2004 its an even better simulator than before with all the new addons.
Firstly I can run FS9 on my Acer laptop with all the sliders max out and with enhancer im getting sweet sweet FPS constantly and thats with 30GB of addons installed some of which include:-

All MIAW military AI packages (fantastic work by the way)
All Virtual Delta Airlines aircraft installed
All Flyuk virtual aircraft installed
UK2000 scenery Packages 1-8
All UKMIL AI packages installed
SKAI AI package installed (the best AI package ever!!!)
FS Passengers
Real Enviroment Pro

My list is almost endless to be honest so I wont droan on about it, but i will say that AI packages and scenery have really come on since I was last flying, so impressive its amazing.
This evening I flew a Delta Airlines 707 from Seattle-Salt Lake city, a truly old bird but a great experience, until my altimeter failed me on my final approach (FS Passengers assisted) and also I had issues with the weather and hills surrounding Salt Lake Citys airport, a very tense approach for someone that hasn't flown in 4 years, but enjoyable all the same once i touched down.
Anyway I thought i would share this with my flightsim pals at flyaway, great to see the site still going stronger than ever.

Another bonus about FS9 after all these years is you can now buy a pc system for about £200 that will run FS9 maxed out with superb graphics, a system that would have cost £800-£1000 5 years ago, so im building a system this weekend for my son to join the flight simming community.

Who needs FSX 😛

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