Add-ons not showing up in game. please read !!!!!

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I am a newbie to FS2004, but not to computers, I have read all the read-me files and installed the add-on aircraft to the
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\Aircraft\XXaddon
as well as the gauges and effects, the aircraft.cfg files look correct, but in the game there are no additional aircraft.

This is a great game, esp the multiplayer. I work with T6A ands T38 A/C simulators (real ones) and I really want to fly those versions of the planes in the game.

Any Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Well, I guess I posted too soon, I downloaded a aircraft from
and it I guess the other aircraft I downloaded from this site will not work in FS2004???? althought they clearly state 2002/2004 in the titles.

Do I need to install the other aircraft any differently?

Many thanks to those that reply!

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Read Read this post, it should help.


Let us know how you do.

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