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I have some questions about the PMDG 747 aircraft for fsx with the -8i expansion.

1. How do you get the ground calls/pushback where you can talk to the ground crew? I know how to do it on the Level-D 767 but not on the PMDG 747.

2. Why does my 747 sink in to the tarmac when I land?

3. Is there a way to open the windows in the 747?

4. Why does my IRS alignment never finish when I set it to instant?

If anyone could give me some answers that would be nice. I have already tried searching for posts related to these questions and I come up with no answers.

Edit: I found the answer to question #2 but I still need answers to the other 3. I also just went and bought a joystick and that has helped me alot with landing

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