Still cannot see downloaded aircraft in FSX

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smhcarter32 Trainee

I followed the instructions from the first post and when I start up FSX I still cannot see the plane. Please help

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RadarMan Chief Captain

In the Sims aircraft menu settings put a checkmark in the box that says "show all variations".


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Aidan14 Trainee

i dont even have a file in my saved games - microsoft games file

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Tailhook Chief Captain

You guys need a decent guide / tutorial.

Type fsx how to install aircraft into your Google search engine.

Two points to note:

1. Most of the YouTube guides are very confusing... but try if that's your thing.

2. Some tutorials claim that you need a third party zipping / extraction tool such as WinZip etc... this is NOT true. From Windows XP up, all MS Operating Systems have their own tool. Just point your mouse to the downloaded .zip folder, right click and start extracting.

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Chuck McBurnie (cmcburnie) Trainee

I too am having a problem with the downloads. I followed to WindowsXP unzip directions, but still cannot get the downloaded files to show up on Flight Sim. When I try to download the files again, it shows that I already have them on the computer. Now how do I get them onto the screen?

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