MD-90 panel and tuning NAV1 and NAV2 frequencies

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Hello everyone Wink

I'm new to the forum, and also a bit newbie to FS, but I've managed to clear some of my doubts so far with a little help from some friends.

However, I'm not managing to find out how I can change the NAV1 and NAV2 frequencies on the MD-90 panel that I've just downloaded here ->
When I point the mouse over the freq. values and the symbols + and - show up, I click but the numbers won't move...

Could someone help me?

Cheers and best regards,
Vasco Troni

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Curiosity killed the cat, yet... I live 😛

I downloaded the panel (thanks for the link and your clear explanation of the problem) and have found no solution.

I tried different switch combinations, almost tore the overhead panel apart, tried the other panel.cfg file, all to no avail.

If you can live without the 'photo-real' aspect, there's a nice Ken Mitchell panel at Flightsim. I haven't downloaded it but looking at the pics, I can see that the NAV and COM setup is located right underneath the throttle quadrant. Everything seems to be in place.

Sorry I can't be of more help, good luck 🙂

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@Tailhook, thank you for your answer.

However, I have another torch to the fire Twisted Evil

I've just downloaded the SGA's Blue1 MD-90 from (, and -SURPRISE- this same MD-90 panel works fine, allowing the freq. change as the mouse symbols + and - appear over the values, both in the AP panel and in the lower console.

It makes me think that the problem may be related to the config, probably on the aircraft config.

Talking about SGA's MDs, on the SAS MD-80 (also from SGA, also available at, the same problem is back: no way I can change the COM and NAV freqs. Fortunatly, the game changes the COM1 freq when playing in IFR, following the shortcuts on the ATC dialog box 🙄

However, in both cases the transponder value can allways be changed as the mouse symbols + and - appear over each number, in the lower console.

Does anyone have a guess? 😉

Best regards,

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