Error can't launch FS9

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I received this as I was attempting to open FS9 this AM and have not been able to launch it since. Tried everything I could think of. Anyone else experienced this or have any knowledge as to what the problem may be? Thanx in advance.
"An unhandled win32 exception occurred in fs9.exe. Just in time debugging this exception failed with the following error: No installed debugger has Just in time debugging enabled. In Visual Studio, Just in time debugging can be enabled from tools/option/debugging/just in time. Check the documentation index for 'Just in time debugging error' for more information"

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Ed Reagle (edr1073) First Officer

Please provide information on your machine. For example Pentium P4, 2.6 gHz clockspeed, hardrive specs, vidieo card specs. Your noe giving anybody information that can help you. Also, this is probably better in a category for hardware than in the FS9 but people will be in shrtly to help. We are standing by to help.

wausa Guest


Thanks for your quick response. However, after posting this problem I did continue to work with the problem. It ocurred to me to try a system restore and low and behold it worked. This problem surfaced after I downloaded a trial version of FSPassengers. I flew a partial hop and decided I really didn't like it so I uninstalled it. The next time I tried to launch FS9 is when I experienced this problem. Don't know that it had anything to do with it at all. But again, my sincere thanks.

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Ed Reagle (edr1073) First Officer

I wasn't crazy about system restore but after using it once I liked it. WinXP Pro makes it easy. I am not sure why the trial version would have made that much difference though. This should have worked fine it just doesn't have all of the bells and whistles that thr full version does.

Well, I am glad to see that it worked out ok for you.

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