No engine sounds on F-111 FSX downoaded

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I have noises in correct volume for flaps and gear but no engine souds just a silent taleoff from the active runway when flying the F-111 I recently installed in FSX.
Can sombody suggest why and recommend a fix

Thanks 😕

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Go to the sound folder... inside the folder for said airplane. (Not to be confused with your MAIN FSX sound folder)

See if the sound file in there is aliased to a different plane. I had this happen and it turns out the sound was aliased to my learjet45. Problem was I CHANGED the default learjet sounds, so it was looking for something that did not exist. If this is the case with you where it is looking for sounds from a plane that does not exist, simply open the sound file in the plane it is asking for, copy what you see there, and paste it into the sound file for the silent plane.

That should fix it.

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Thanks, Belgeode
Moolaman 🙂

AmmarMalhas Guest

You probably solved your problem a long time ago but I hope this helps those like me who are new to this and are facing the problem.

I had the problem of no engine sound playing from my F1 Tech Aircrafts and some of the default airplanes in FSX and even P3D.

I tried everything but finally:
Since I have Asus Realtek HD Audio, i found that in "Sound Effects > Environment" you need to set that to "Generic" and the engines come on again and all is well.

It probably is the same problem with other audio cards. The problem is definitely that of the hardware not the software.

By the way you do not have to launch FSX or P3D to test this, just double click the "rpm or var" sound files inside the Sound folder (FSX > SimObjects > Airplanes) folder in the FSX or P3D program folders.


AmmarMalhas Guest

It turns out that setting the "generic" environment option does produce the sounds of the engine but also some echo along with it. I found that the sounds are not real with such settings.
I now believe the problem is in the sound files and how they were encoded and what my Realtek sound card in my Asus motherboard because the default aircraft in FSX and P3D all play sounds well without having to change the environment or effects!
Sorry, but I do not consider playing with the sound effects to hear something as a solution!

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