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Hey guys I used to play FSX but now Im downgrading to do I use the mouse as a yoke? Help me?

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how to install that file captain

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farhan_321 wrote:

how to install that file captain

Dowload it (free) and follow the read-me.
This is it. (by the way, you'll enjoy using a joystick more than a mouse and keyboard).

In Read-me:

version 1.0.23 (Sep 8, 2004)


This product is a freeware. And I DO NOT PROVIDE ANY KIND OF WARRANTY.
Use it on your own risk. You may use it for ANY purpose everywhere
you want.

Controls ailerons, elevator, rudder, throttle of any aircraft.
Can be added to any panel. Can be set transparent and invisible.
Great thing for notebooks, even with touchpad!

What's new:
1.0.23: Completely rewritten code. Since it uses now new way of
low-level capturing of mouse events, this gauge does not work
under Windows 98. But due to it's precise operation, it gives
very smooth control, which is much better than in previous versions.
Probably, this gauge will work with MSFS2002. Unfortunately, controls
may be inverted in some cases. I'm trying to fix this incompatibility now.


1. Put the "MGauge.gau" file to the "\Gauges" directory at MSFS root.
2. Manually add the gauge to panels of your aircrafts. For instance,
adding the gauge to Cessna-172:
a) find the file "\Aircraft\c172\panel\panel.cfg"
b) make a backup copy of this file
c) open panel.cfg with notepad
d) find the following part of the file and insert gauge:
[Window Titles]
Window00=Main Panel
Window01=Radio Stack
Window05=Mini Panel
;************* Insertion starts here ************
// background_color enables transparency
background_color=0, 0, 0
gauge00=MGauge!Myoke, 0,0,100,100
;************* Insertion ends here ************

e) now run the MSFS, create a flight with Cesna 172 and start it
f) when the flight is loaded, press Shift+6 to open the gauge window.
It appears in top-left corner of MSFS window, and is available
in all views.

Notes: Window06 is the first free panel window for Cessna-172 panel.
Other aircrafts may have another first free window, therefore
you must change "Window06" to something else.
Some panels show too small rectangle for this gauge. To double gauge
size, try to set "size_mm=200,200", and replace "100,100" with the
same values in the gauge00 line.
Don't forget to reload aircraft in order to take effects of the
changes in panel.cfg.


To turn on the gauge, right-click it in the central square. Mouse cursor
will be locked to the center of MSFS window. You can unlock mouse by
right-clicking once again.

When the gauge is turned on, moving mouse will move ailerons and elevator.
Their position is indicated by dots moving across the gauge.

Moving mouse left and right with left button pressed (i.e. dragging) will
change rudder position (it is indicated as yellow pointer on
the right edge of the gauge). Note that if "autorudder" is turned on in MSFS,
you will be able to control rudder only while taxiing. Turn "autorudder" off
if you wish to control rudder during flight.

Throttle is controlled by mouse wheel.

Middle mouse button may be used for instant centering aileron/rudders.

That's all for now. Comments are welcome.
Yury Kuchura


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