Active Volcanoes in FS2004?

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❓ Are there any active volcanoes in FS2004? I seem to remember seeing a screenshot with one, and I thought it was Hawaii, but there is nothing there. Someone know of any?

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Hey there Hitch,

The volcano is at N19 24.25 W155 17.29


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There are a few in and around the Hawaiian chain that are active --I am not sure about the approx location, but there is one just South/Southwest of Hilo on the big Island of Hawaii. At night it sometimes glows a scarlet and dark red. I think it may be like some of the factories with the smoke stacks in FS9 as it seems that sometimes it is active and at other times it is not. -1st time I saw the volcano I thought it was really interesting. Flew over and happened to see it just below my right wing on approach to Hilo from the South. PS, watch out for old Mauna Loa, she's 12,000 ft. / 4000 meters!! 🙂

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When you fly in Hawaii and want to see the Eruption set the Year to 1983 and you should see it Erupt. That was the year it first Erupted and the largest. Ric

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