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Hi all.

I have just installed Wilco Airbus Vol. 1 onto my FS04 installation. However, I cannot seem to find any documentation whatsoever. 😞 As I am a newbie for this aircraft I really need these documents. (Tutorial, Checklist, Manual etc)

Does anybody know where they are installed? (Directory)

And one other question... Can you recommend me any other external non Wilco reading that will help me learn this aircraft? (Free Please)

Thanks in advance.


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Alois Norbert Forrer (fonopal) Trainee

When you installed the Airbus it has made an entrence under Start button and all program. There you'll see the Wilco listet under Wilco Publishing. The guide of flying the A380 is explaned in the Acrobat reader version.
What I misse the most is the GPS that I have not found as yet and I wonder if they have forgotten it all together.
Have funb reading
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