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Hey guys. I have a pretty sweet PC, but when I try to play FSX on it, it lags every 2 seconds. I'm running it on medium high settings. My PC has 4Gb of RAM, an ATI radeon HD5570 1GB graphics card, a 3.04 GHZ quad core processor, and an MSI Motherboard. What's the problem? I tried running FSX on really low settings and it would still lag once every 2 seconds.


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naflod Trainee

Standard installation?
Any add-ons?
Does this happen with other software? If so...
Do you have something like Google Desktop which could be indexing in the background?
Anti virus software running a check?
Any peer-to-peer programs like Blizzards updater for WoW running in the background?
Has your disk been defragmented lately?
Just some thoughts.

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Seconding naflod on double checking that nothing is running in the background and that you've defragged since you installed FSX.

It's not a bad idea to turn off antivirus while running it, as long as you remember to turn it back on when you're done 😀

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