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Hi I am new here and I am starting the "training lessons" to learn how to fly. I am wondering however, douring the training, the "instructor" says to increce pitch so I have about a 13 digree angle, then push the throtle all the way in, but when he does it, he simply pushes the throtel all the way in, and brings it to a 20 + digree angle, till the airspeed int. reads 74 knots. Do they bring it to the 20 digree just to save time? or am I missing something?
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😀 Your smelling is just fine 😂 If we can read and understand it, your OK 👍

When having the lessons,,Rod will show you want to do,and how to do it.
Its all to do with the pitch wheel and practice

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In a nutshell.....when you climb you do it by IAS (Indicated Airspeed) so you will pitch up to whatever it takes to climb at 74KIAS. The angle on the attitude indicator will depend on many things, wind speed, temperature, aircraft weight, altitude to name a few. Every aircraft has a best angle, best rate of climb, multi engine ac also have single engine climb speeds. These can be found on the tech sheets for the plane you fly. Do not try and get too involved in these specifics at the moment but I think this should explain why there is a difference in angles. Good luck and carry on with the lessons as they are the basics every good pilot needs.

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Are you planning on becoming a real pilot? If you are there is a good boook called "Your Pilot's Liscense"

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