winzip in 64 bit Windows 7

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Hi. You guys were helpful before. I am having some issues, having just got a quadcore AMD Win 7 pc. I can not get winzip to work, in unzipping add-ons.
It says, "unable to process Beech 1900 etc". then
"not permitted or able to create an output directory"
I am also getting very strange behavior with the controls, all ch products, yoke, rudder pedals, throttle quadrant, for example, pushing forward on the yoke will cause the plane to aim down, all of a sudden it dives down. I did just calibrate everything with ch control manager, and have not tested that yet,
It has 2 gigs of ram, and I am using full licensed fsuipc for control
Amazing 60 to 70 fps.
Can you guys point me in the right direction for help with this access problem with Win 7 Thanks in advance

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Sorry I can't help you with your CH products as I am a Saitek user.
I'm not sure what you mean by: "It has 2 gigs of ram,..."

Regarding WinZip: Ditch it!!

WinZip is nothing but an old, bad habit like Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Adobe Acrobat Reader and pretty useless when compared to their competitors.

If you insist on a payware compression / decompression tool, get WinRar. IZArc and 7-Zip are free alternatives, much easier to use with more flexibility... in short: Better.

I run WinRar, 7-Zip and IZArc side by side without any conflicts. They differ slightly from what they can and cannot do, so I choose which one I use depending on the task. On very rare occasions I even use the .zip tool which is integrated in the Windows Operating Systems.

I never use WinZip and these days you won't find find it on my HDD.

Oh, almost forgot...

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Hi, thanks for the response. The problem with the ch controls....was an fsuipc problem, actually I dealt with Pete Dawson on his forum. It turns out that every time I tried to reprogram the controls, I was setting up multiple maps on each joystick lever ( I think ). The solution was to go into the fsuipc.ini file, delete the settings under "axis", and start from new. Worked like a charm. Planes flying beautifully. I get 30 to 100+ fps on a 350 dollar kit machine that I had professionally built for 150. Going to upgrade the 30 dollar video card though anyway.
The other thing, with the WinZip. I do use WinRar, and I will look into the other two you suggest. But....I am a fan of PAD planes. And I have only been in this hobby for about a year, and at first I had all kinds of trouble with PAD planes. I mean it was hit or miss if they would have gauges, etc. The only way I solved this was to get what PAD recommends, WinZip, which gives you the "use folder names" check box, and I have had no problem since. Save for this issue with the 64 bit Win 7. To me the interface is way more complicated (winzip) in Win 7 64 bit, more than I need, I guess more features, but I have gotten it working. Thanks.

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Good to hear you've got the CH problems sorted.
I always have and still am struggling with mapping and profiling. The PAD planes you mention are a mystery to me... I have googled without success. PAD - my guess is Pilots Anonymous Divorced 😛

I understand how you arrived at WinZip in the first place - what seems like many years ago now, when installing a third party aircraft was still a mystery for most, practically every ReadMe file contained the sentence '...make sure you keep files and folders intact in WinZip' or something similar. This advice I am sure was intended to simplify the installation procedure i.e. the various files would 'automatically' end up in their respective folders. Great idea but... if the author or compiler of the add-on made just a simple mistake, one file could end up in the wrong destination and screw up the whole installation. For the inexperienced an exiting new venture could turn into frustration and the loss of hair in no time. 😀

As recently as FS2002 (which is not all that long ago) Microsoft would warn that adding third-party aircraft was not encouraged unless the enthusiast already had advanced knowledge of the Dos and Don'ts. I was lucky to find a good, simple tutorial which showed me how easy it really was. I no longer have the tutorial but I can say that the same principles still apply all the way into FSX.
The advantage of not having to rely on 'keeping files and folders intact' or relying on self-installers lets us easily retrace our steps if something doesn't work because we have moved the files manually.

It is certainly not my intention to argue - the individual is free to use the apps. and tools of their own choice, whatever feels most comfortable. What I do object to though is the perpetuation of old habits and claims that this is the only way.
If my assumption that WinZip existed before MS adapted the habit of including a .zip utility in their OS is correct, then yes, one probably needed WinZip to extract the contents of a .zip file. But time keeps rolling on and now we are faced with ridiculous scenarios where a young newbie just got FSX, downloads a freeware aircraft which has been updated from the original FS2004 model. This could be a very basic (aircraft) file - very easy to install. The newbie being a newbie might need a little help at first but matters are being complicated by the fact that the .zip file contains an outdated ReadMe which claims that you need WinZip for starters.
So the newbie goes to the WinZip site and already gets confused as to which version to download... trial - am I doing something illegal? Will the trial version work? Do I have to pay? Finally he's installed WinZip only to find an overwhelming interface staring him in the face... too many options. Unnecessary for the task at hand.

If you buy a brand computer - any brand, somewhere in the manual that comes with it there'll be the sentence: "xxxxxx recommends Microsoft Internet Explorer." In this case there is a clear motivation for this 'recommendation' - money, a business deal. I can live with this kind of advertising; on the downside, millions of consumers worldwide mistake this 'recommendation' for the only and/or best option. After having become familiar with and used MS IE for some time, only a minority, the bravest of the brave will have the courage to move to better browsers which, not surprisingly are actually more user friendly at the same time.

You visit a site which offers information or manuals in the shape of a .pdf document, you'll find: "You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the contents of this document, available here xxxxx." This is simply no longer true and complicates matters. Perhaps, as might have been the case with WinZip, the Acrobat Reader was the only freely available app. for its purpose many years ago but nowadays there are more than one better alternatives.

Perhaps the saddest chapter concerning flightsim enthusiasts is the Photoshop myth. There's hardly a simmer out there who hasn't at least once toyed with the idea to create his own aircraft texture(s). Again, I can't be sure, but it seems that Adobe Photoshop was the first quality program of its kind. Simmers who ventured into repainting aircraft used what was available: Photoshop.
If you collect all the "How to repaint aircraft" manuals you can find on the net, you'll discover that probably more than 90% were written by a Photoshop user. (There are rare exceptions.) So if you are serious about repainting, you'll have to purchase Photoshop first and then how to use at least its basic function and then... try and follow the manual you happen to be using. Yet, there are alternatives, free of charge and actually better suited for our purpose. Better suited because they are more user-friendly... of course they do not have the array of tools that Photoshop has but for aircraft textures the whole Photoshop suite is an overkill anyway. Many of the templates provided with paintkits are in .ps (Photoshop) format and cannot be used with other paint programs.

I guess the best way to sum up my little lecture here (I do apologise if it sounded like one) is that the above mentioned apps. and programs, the ones which we are led to believe we cannot live without, are NOT the best. If nothing else, whether they are payware or freeware, they are too clunky and use too much space and computing resources, and usually much slower compared to their competitors.

MS IE with Firefox or Chrome
Adobe Photoshop with
Adobe Acrobat Reader with Foxit
MS Office Suite with
WinZip with IZArc etc. etc..

Be well 🍻

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Hi, and thanks for response...don't worry about the lecture I welcome it. I have to say, I am a disabled guy....I was in the local Goodwill, a charity store, and while they usually command top dollar for their wares even while they are a charity store, I stumbled upon a full, with 2 license's, in the box copy of Adobe Photoshop CS 3, for $3.99. What a find. But it will be a while before I try repaints, I am just not much of an artist.
I was a Mac person, until my kid sister gave me a Dell and I resurrected an old copy of Flt Sim 98. That got me going. Then I discovered Track IR on You Tube.....So now I am a Mac/PC person, and besides Flt Sim I don't do much but use the Macs as music servers. A side note: I listen to BBC news, religiously, and now with a Win 7 machine- the Windows machine beats the Mac hands down with the BBC gadget. Before, with the unreliability of the Mac widget, I would have to direct a browser and what that entailed. I have a brother who is an author and I get hand me down I have a kind of collection of old macs. (Speaking of my brother, who may or may not have been in Syria, or the alternate was Kenya, doing research on the UNHCR, or the org that sets up those refugee camps; I hate the whole idea of Sharia. Every time I hear something about them it is just another "new" disgusting thing they enforce. I mean what other thing are they going to come up with? Last one I heard was, "Yoga is illegal) -had to add that, though this may not be the place....second your thinking....

PAD, stands for "Premier Aircraft Design" - that should get you their website. These, to me, are payware quality, freeware planes. They have a whole collection of cool stuff for both fs9 and FSX. They are of very high quality, if you can ignore the fact of not having mdu's in their jets, (my next project, to learn), unless I am mistaken and there is a keyboard command that brings up an mdu...They do a "self-install", and have directions on "how to" using WinZip, and basically you just point to the main fs9 folder and make sure you have "use folder names", checked. I may be wrong, as it works for me, but when I was trying the manual install I had all kinds of problems but I was also very new.
The last thing I just accomplished, may be interesting. I wanted the Daisuke Yamamoto freeware P-3C Orion in my new Win 7 machine. I really like the plane. The self exec program won't do it, reports "not supported OS" or something. What a bummer. So I got to thinking. I put a copy of FS 9 on my Win XP machine, a computer I use (the Dell is kind of history) for the moving map thing with Wide FS. I just wanted the file structure of FS 9. I emptied various folders, "effects", "gauges", "fonts", "sounds", "textures"...and then ran the P-3C self exec install. I thought this was going to be really complicated, you know a zillion gauge files, sounds, etc. The plane went in, there was literally just one effects file that I found in the effects folder. The plane was then copied over and flies beautifully. And I got to say having a machine with decent frame rates makes all the difference in the world, especially in terms of flying. I had always liked the P-3C Orion, but at 5 or 6 fps it was impossible to fly and land. So I guess I lucked out when I fried the bus on the Dell, trying to install a 2nd drive which I later found out it doesn't support. ( I practically cried over the loss of flt sim). (For a disabled guy, this hobby is a lifesaver).

So thanks for the response. I didn't expect any response, as (my disability....) a family member who was paying the 5.00$ subscription for this site, "determined" that it was "too much"...$5.00 a month? And they cut me off without me knowing it. I do have a car which is invaluable so I can't really complain. I broke a hip years ago, and at a pretty young age.


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