Error 1935 roll back action installing fsx on w7/64bit

Smadlad Guest

i get the following error while it configure ms 2005 C++ redistributed

Error1935.An error ocurred during the installation of assembly 'Microsoft.MSXML2,publicKeyToken="6bd6b9abf345378f",version="",type="win32",processorArchitecture="x86"'. Please refer to Help and Support for more information."

the same happens when publishing the product at the end of installation.

i tried a clean boot, i tried manual install, how can i fix this error?

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kiwipilot Guest

I am having the same issue, searched the web it seems common. Im no computer whizz and I can not solve it trying to follow the other ideas (W7 is not as easy to work with when your used to XP)

Same deal Windows 7 64 bit i5 processor etc etc, original software and same error as above, finished by the rollback. grrrr.

Is there a solution without being a computer engineer

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Be sure that you have the latest .NET.


Tim Weatherford Guest

Please start an Elevated Command Prompt: How to start an Elevated Command Prompt in Windows 7 and Vista

and copy and paste in the following:

fsutil resource setautoreset true %systemdrive%\

attrib -r -s -h %SystemRoot%\System32\Config\TxR\*
del %SystemRoot%\System32\Config\TxR\*

attrib -r -s -h %SystemRoot%\System32\SMI\Store\Machine\*
del %SystemRoot%\System32\SMI\Store\Machine\*.tm*
del %SystemRoot%\System32\SMI\Store\Machine\*.blf
del %SystemRoot%\System32\SMI\Store\Machine\*.regtrans-ms

and press enter after the final line if necessary.

If you are asked if you are sure, type Y and press enter.


Then I installed msxml 4.0 SP2, but it probably isn't needed as FSX installs this at the end.

This fixed it for me.

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