Project Airbus A380

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i recently downloaded some repaints,
does anyone know where i can get or how to get the VC for these?
it comes with the default B747 2D cockpit and wingviews.

would love some help on my problem.

Thank you

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Taylor (Flyboy92) First Officer

The Project Airbus A380 Virtual Cockpit has not been released yet.

Hang in there..


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yourtoserious you may derive more enjoyment from your flightsimming experience if you acknowledge the replies to your queries or at the very least Read them.

Just a well meant advice.

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yourtoserious Trainee

relax, i wrote that as i went to sleep last night,
and now on a break at work.
so sorrrrry for not been glued to my screen..

i always reply to my own posts asking for help, who wouldnt?

so, relax

and thanks, ill be waiting for that then, i remember now.
used to have PAirbus on my old system before the update.

Thank you, and ill remember the glue in future so i dont drift away
from my screen...

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PA are developing a VC for their A380, and a lot of the FS community are waiting for it, me included, so I guess you'll just have to be patient as Flyboy92 mentioned.

If you're impatient, you COULD do a merger with another model such as the Overland A380 or Wilco A380, but they're both payware. There are no freeware VC's at this stage.

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yourtoserious Trainee

ill join that list then,
im a patient person, i can wait.
do they have a release date yet?

i enjoy the A340 & B747 more if im honest.
looking forward to its first flight to KSFO though 🙂

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I'm not too sure, but it's best to let the developers do their job rather than to ask them when it will be released, trust me, they get pretty annoyed when you do that! 😂

I'm only wildly speculating here, but I think it will be released in the next few months I believe.

If your a patient person as you say, well then I suppose you'll just have to sit and wait! 😀

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yourtoserious Trainee

i wouldnt do that to the nice people ^^

ill sit it out and wait.
got a few new payware airports to try out while i wait 🙂

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yourtoserious Trainee

ps. thanks for the link, but ill stick to this forum.
i know it should probably be in that one, but i get better replies here.

very helpful.

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