How to get Falcon 4 to recognize my joystick and rudder peda


I recently discovered Falcon4 still shrinkwrapped in my basement. I installed it and it loaded with an airborne F-16 but my USB connected F-16 combat stick and rudder pedals would not hook up to the game. Any recommendations around getting the game to recognize these control systems?

Thanks, in advance. I notice Falcon 4 is not represented here, does that mean it is pretty lame or..... just old?

Cheers, Pete M

P.S. The controls work fine in CFS3 and Flt Sim X but then they are Microsoft and perhaps more recent.

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Falcon 4.0 I still have that somewhere.....

It won't work because the game relied on the serial game port instead of usb.

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I still have the original disc in the box with the manual. It used to come with a full printed manual back then. There are newer versions out there for not too much money so if you can't get it to work you might want to look for an updated version. I bought the allied force version years after the original 4.0 came out and it was pretty good but I think that it is also getting a little dated. You can search for some of the Falcon 4 forums that are still pretty active.

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GundamWZero wrote:

Falcon 4.0 I still have that somewhere.....

It won't work because the game relied on the serial game port instead of usb.

Good point though a USB to Serial adapter should do the trick. They even support Windows 7 (64 & 32 bit).

Gundam, could it be you're losing the edge? 😳


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If you have problems with the joystick there are programs such as xpadder that you can use to assign axis commands to that can help with older programs. I have an old Battle-zone game that would not recognize my joystick because the game is so old. I used xpadder and it allowed me to assign commands and keys to the new joystick. Also I found a check box under windows joystick properties that could be checked off to allow the joystick to be used with older games.

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