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Extricate- Guest

Hi guys,

I just got a joystick w/o rudder control and it is very hard to fly w/o rudder control, espcially when taxi-ing. I know that i can use NP 0 or Enter but it really gets difficult to control. When i press NP 0, the plane will go all the way left , i try to balace by pressing NP 5 but it wont help much.

Anyone of you fly w/o rudder control? How do you overcone it?

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Air Badger Guest

In options you can set the game to "Auto Rudder" and then steering on the ground is a simple case of deflecting the joystick left or right just like banking in the air.

I've just invested in a joystick with a twist grip, but frankly when it gets here I've no doubt I'll leave "Auto Rudder" on, because at least at this stage I don't think I could deal with keeping the bubble centralized during the steep turns. In fact I can't manage them anyway, which is stopping me doing my Private Pilots Checkride!

Anyway.. Auto Rudder is your answer.


extricate- Guest

can i know how to turn AutoRudder on? and how does Autorudder works? As far as i know, the plane doesnt know when to keep right or left or knows how to position itself to the runway when landing.

Air Badger Guest

Over to the "vets" then 🙂 I'm still new round these parts sir.


Jamie4590 Guest

I have a rudder on my joystick but its far easier to to control the direction of the aircraft on the ground using the keyboard thanks to the 'center rudder' command.

Assign rudder right to ,

Assign rudder right to .

Assign center rudder to /

The center rudder is very handy but something my joystick rudder can't emulate. If you are swaying left or right use the relevant rudder command to come back towards the centerline on the runway and just as the nose centers with the centerline hit the center rudder command. This should then keep you level and allow you to accelerate for take-off.

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Tailhook Chief Captain

That's an interesting method Jamie.

The default Spoilers on/off assignment is </>

The default Brake release assignment is <.>

Not having the Spoiler assignment </> in non-military aircraft would be ok in theory as arming the Spoilers is <Shift+/> and upon touchdown the spoilers deploy anyway.

I have found though, that despite having armed the spoilers, they don't ALWAYS deploy... that's why I like the idea of being able to fall back on the manual deployment by using </>.

Any thoughts on that?

Jamie4590 Guest

Hi Tailhook,

I don't have spoilers in Concorde which I miss and I re-assign the parking brake to B on the keyboard. Makes sense to me and much easier on the checklists 😂

There are so many commands I've spent hours sifting through them and still only use a handfull of keyboard commands during a flight. I've assigned PAGEUP and PAGEDOWN to throttles fully forward/fully back but for some reason this also assigned NUMPAD 9 and 3 to the same. I use the numpad keys for changing views and it took me a while to work out why my engines kept going to idle when I changed views midflight. 😂 😂

In fs2002 I also had elevon left assigned to <;> and elevon right to <'> and center elevons assigned to <#> which kept all control surface commands bunched together but frustratingly fs9 seems to have removed the center elevon option in favour of tying the rudder and elevon center commands together. Or am I missing it?

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Tailhook Chief Captain

Jamie4590 wrote:

I don't have spoilers in Concorde which I miss and I re-assign the parking brake to B on the keyboard. Makes sense to me and much easier on the checklists 😂

Haha, I hadn't forgotten about your Concorde Jamie and I can quite understand that you might be concentrating on it almost exclusively for some time. No Spoilers in this case -- easy.

<B> for Brake... why didn't I think of that 😳 from memory this is the key you use in the combat sims, so logical and easy to remember.
By default in fs9 <B> is Altimeter (reset) - so an alternative would have to be found there.

In case you didn't know Jamie, on the Key Assignment page in fs9 you have two entries for the Concorde - it's easily overlooked:

Decrease Concorde nose/visor angle

Decrease desicion height (Concorde)

The numpad keys are very handy IF you remember to toggle your <Num Lock> on or off. By default I have mine ON which lets me change my views as you do it in the cockpit and change the angle of the a/c in spotview.

If you wanna do a bit of trimming, banking or adjust the rudder with AP OFF and without having to touch the flightstick, turn the <Num Lock> OFF and experiment with the Num Pad Keys. The layout is pretty logical even the <0> and <Enter> key come into play.
The most important key to remember when using this method is the <5>. As it's located in the center of the num pad what does it do? It centers all your previous adjustments to your controls and in theory if there is no wind, you should be flying dead straight ahead with the exception of ascend or descend, because you've also neutralised your trim.

So now you've got it all trimmed nicely, you've made heading adjustments and you're on course. Great! You sit back and observe for a few seconds and then OF COURSE you wanna have a look around and admire the scenery. You press <4> on the Num Pad to look left and ...Damn!! the a/c starts banking to the left because you forgot to turn the <Num Lock> back on Wall Bashing

That's what I'm talking about 😀

glosairtourer Guest

please help me i use fs2004 on a laptop dell inspiron 5150 and everytime im lined up on the runway as soon as i power up the aircraft veers right or left!!! 😞 😞 😞 could someone please help me im also having trouble turning num lock on and my fps rate can i fix the latter??? 😀

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CRJCapt Chief Captain

Ensure that you have auto rudder selected in controls. It's normal for propeller aircraft to veer slightly leftward during takeoff. Allpy right aileron(right stick) to compensate.

glosairtourer Guest

thanks alot!!!! im getting the hang of it now although when taxiing the frame rate slowing to below 15fps causes problems can i fix this??? wb 😀 😀 😀

Jamie4590 Guest

I'm a dribbling wreck with exitement. After the basics I ignored all the different commands that can be assigned on fs9 but Concorde is grounded for a while now while I spend some time assigning more commands and making it a better set up. I also discovered the failure keys on Monday. I never knew I could assign a command to triggering different failures in flight. Its a very handy tool.

All this and yesterday I installed Morrowind and never knew its an RPG with a first person perspective. I always thought it was top down view like Dungeon Siege. My first impressions are its incredible.

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