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Good morning.

Please bare with me if i confuse anyone,
I have recently started using VATSIM, but very rarely use PMDG, CLS, Captain Sim Ect. I tend to use Overland's wide variety of aircraft. Because i am new to VATSIM, a controller helped me out to understand how to use it.

Ok, i select my aircraft, time, weather, season ect. Plan flight, but instead of using Direct GPS, i have heard that using FSBUILD, i can use the waypoints and intersections planned using that addon, but how?
Is there a way to save the route planned, and load using FS2004.

So, instead of Direct GPS, when i hit GPS, and NAV Hold, id like the aircraft to follow a route planned via FSBUILD.

Doubt ive explaned that correctly, and await help.
Thank you for reading this.


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