how do u fix trees with black boxes around them?

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I never had this problem before i installed fsxsp2 now i get this any ideas how to fix or do i dont need fsxsp2? after i installed fsxsp2 it solved some of my other posts on here. i now can take off from the gate with fsxsp2 but if i take it off dosnt work.. i hope somebody can help me with this issue. i havnt tried renstall yet. heres a pic of what im looking at and for the atc post i fiugured out to use the gps to get me to the airport.waypoints. thanks heres the pic....

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Seems like maybe a graphics driver issue. But could be just fsx and the screwy way it operates sometimes. Like with mine I have to have dx10 preview disabled at all times because with it on wrecks havoc with my fsx.
Sp2 though I don't think would be an issue as long as it's installed.

I recommend you do what I did when I had a problem like this.
#1 Completely delete fsx, all it's folders and anything related to it.
#2 install fsx and then sp1 and sp2
#3 run fsx
#4 Install addons or whatever you have
#5 But between each install run fsx before installing another.

Doesn't seem like much but it solved my issues similar to this.
Also make sure your graphics drivers are current.

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